The Lake Holiday board and staff have been improving beach 3 for residents, so I thought I would give you a run down on what has happened so far, how to find the beach and what is potentially coming in the future!

Lake Holiday Beach 3

Beach 3 is the rocky area directly across from the clubhouse, usually known as the spot where fireworks are set off on the 4th of July or the boaters beach. The beach is most accessible from the water, but there are actual roads you can hike or drive in order to get there as well. If you live on the north side of the lake you may never venture over to what those of us who live on the south side refer to as the “dark side.” We are very friendly over here, we promise! Beach 2 has become more popular, along with the camping area, and I believe beach 3 will be getting more use next summer now with the enhancements!

You can click on the interactive map above to find your way to beach 3, there are currently pink tags on trees to help you along the drive or hike. As you round the final corner the entrance road to the beach is marked by two large trees at the entrance with pink ribbons on both sides of the driveway. The road is a bit rough, I would avoid driving it with low cars.

As of right now, staff has added an official dock for boats, graded the land, and added more space to the west with a gravel road back to several picnic tables. Thanks to the gift of 500 lots from Miller and Smith to Lake Holiday in 2015, the surrounding area has been designated as green space and common area. The board is currently looking into other amenities that can be added to beach 3 and the green space.

In 2018 the Master Planning committee has proposed cleaning up more fallen trees and a potential tent camping area to be designated. The main fear of this is protecting the community from potential fire hazards, so the fire departments will likely be consulted and a plan developed for emergency access and egress, dry hydrants, etc. In the following years the plan includes a potential designated parking area for beach goers, road improvements for delivery of sand, off leash area for dogs, signage and additional hiking trails. Long term plans could also include exercise stations, playground, grills, kayak storage and a pavilion. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued improvements to our beautiful community!