Build House in Lake Holiday

There are several options for building a new home in Lake Holiday. Buying a lot on your own and then hiring a custom builder or using a builder that already owns lots are the two most common practices. Currently Dan Ryan and Oakcrest are building spec and homes to order. There are many custom builders in the Winchester area that also work with lot owners in Lake Holiday. There are a few things to consider and extra steps that must be taken to build a new home in Lake Holiday.

Choosing and Buying a Lot

If you plan on working with a custom builder you will have to buy a lot. There are many different lots on the market including waterfront lots. As you look through the MLS you will need to look to make sure the lot you are interested in is buildable. There are membership lots on the market that do not have access to utilities and therefore cannot support a home. If you are looking for a turn key newly built home you will have to choose one of the lots already owned by the builder, which can limit your selection. Of course many of the local custom builders have access to plans very similar to these builders so you can work with them to get the best of both worlds.

Choosing a Plan and Getting it Approved

In addition to approval from Frederick County, each home must go through the Architectural Committee of Lake Holiday. The committee is made up of current residents that follows guidelines created by the Board of Directors to ensure homes meet building codes and aesthetics. The overall rule is that new homes must create harmony with the surroundings of Lake Holiday.  This takes into consideration the overall design as well as colors and materials.

Section Details

Lake Holiday is made up of 8 individual sections. Each section has it’s own deed in addition to the general rules of Lake Holiday. If the deed is different than the rules then the deed is what must be followed. Each deed specifies the minimum square footage as well as setback lines for each section. The majority of the square footage rules are set at 1000 square foot minimum with either 1000 sq ft on one level or 800 sq ft on the first level and 200 sq ft on the second level. There is no maximum square footage although setbacks and the size of the lot will determine the maximum footprint of the home that can be built.

Helpful Documents

PRP 1 Architectural Guidelines V7 2017.04.25 (1) (1)

New Home Construction

Contact Misty for more details on buying a lot and building a home in Lake Holiday, 540-999-8826.