These two questions are asked over and over by homeowners and potential homeowners in Lake Holiday, and I’m amazed that so many people are under the impression you cannot have fences or pools! You can have a fence and a pool, in fact there are not even guidelines for a pool and architectural approval isn’t even needed! A fence does have to go through the architectural committee. Let’s go over everything you need to know. We have our first in-ground pool being built by clients of mine that recently built a new home, and they are very excited about it!


There are NO rules against pools in Lake Holiday, above ground or in-ground. You will need to follow Frederick County guidelines and permits, and contact your insurance company for guidance on what type of preventative care you need to take to minimize risk. This can include fencing or specific types of pool covers if you cannot have a fence. If you plan to have a deck or patio, those will need to have architectural approval from Lake Holiday and possibly county permits.

Per Frederick County Code, you must have a fence or enclosure around a pool. The enclosure shall extend not less than four feet above the ground. Enclosure fences shall be constructed so as to prohibit the passage of a sphere larger than four inches in diameter through any opening or under the fence. Fences shall be designed to withstand a horizontal concentrated load of 200 pounds applied on a one-square-foot area at any point of the fence. All gates shall be self-closing and self-latching, with latches placed at least four feet above the ground. Or you may have an alternative barrier: A natural barrier, pool cover or other protective device approved by the governing body shall be an acceptable enclosure as long as the degree of protection afforded by the substituted device or structure is not less than the protection afforded by the enclosure, gate and latch described herein.


While you will not find fences on the majority of homes in Lake Holiday, fences are allowed, with some restrictions. “The original design concept of Lake Holiday promotes a feeling of open space to enhance the natural beauty of the area. To that end, fences have generally been discouraged. Fences may be approved to enclose service or pet areas, when required for safety issues or as decorative features. They may not be used to enclose or define property lines.” This is why when you do see fences in Lake Holiday they will most likely be some sort of split rail with a see through mesh screen. They are more natural looking and don’t stop the sight lines between properties. Here are the current fence guidelines:

a. All new or replacement fencing requires Architectural Committee review.
b. Fencing should not extend beyond the front of the home except for approved decorative fencing.
c. All new or replacement fencing shall not exceed 4’ in height, except for lift station enclosure fencing which shall not exceed 6’ in height.
d. Fencing should be of an open design. Consideration is given to color, material, design and structural integrity. Natural colors and materials, which minimize visual impact, are preferred. White or very light colors are not allowed.
e. Pet enclosures must meet all Fence and Dog Run Guidelines and must match any other approved, existing fencing on the property.
f. Chain link, metal and plastic fencing will not be approved. Chain link and metal fence and railing may be used in common areas and right-of-way by the Property Owner’s Association or Utility Company where it is cost effective or functionally superior to natural materials.
g. Stockade (board on board) fence will only be approved for applications where a safety or security issue exists. Written justification must accompany the application and will be considered by the Architectural Committee. Fences built under this special consideration must be removed when the safety or security issue is no longer valid or prior to the property being sold.
h. Any exceptions to the above guidelines must be reviewed and receive approval from the Architectural Committee.

Look at that – fences can’t be more than 4 ft, and all you need for a pool is a 4 ft fence, perfect! I can’t wait for more pools to popup in Lake Holiday, it might just be in my backyard next!
Click here for the fence application!


Setbacks vary per section of development in Lake Holiday. Here is a chart for the setbacks, if you are not sure which section you live in feel free to ask me and I’ll let you know!

Setbacks in Lake Holiday