2023 UPDATE – Unfortunately the board updated to follow Frederick County road guidelines since our roads are technically under their jurisdiction. Therefore golf carts are NOT allowed in Lake Holiday. You can be ticketed by Lake Holiday patrol as well as Frederick County Sheriffs.

After much deliberation and many questions from residents, the Lake Holiday board has finally confirmed that golf carts can be used in Lake Holiday!!

There are a few rules for their usage:

  • Must be operated by licensed drivers
  • Must have reflectors
  • Must follow all traffic laws including stop signs and speed limits
  • May not be operated after dark

If you live within a mile or two of the beaches, golf carts are a great option for getting to the beach and avoiding sand in your cars. Beyond those limits it will probably by a much smoother and shorter ride in a normal vehicle. South side residents have great access to Beach 2 by golf cart, just be careful on the gravel road!