Lake Holiday Cardboard Boat RegattaCome celebrate the end of the beach season at Lake Holiday by building a cardboard boat and competing against your neighbors! This first year family friendly event will take place Sunday September 9th at Beach One from 12-4pm. POSTPONED, see rain dates below!

(RAIN DATE, Sept 15, 10AM, second rain date Sept 23, 12pm)

Participating teams will compete by rowing their hand made boats out around a designated buoy and back to the beach for the best time!

Teams can consist of:

Minnows – All kids
Crabs – Mix of kids and adults
Sharks – All adults

Prizes will be given for the following:

Fastest boat in each team category
Most Lake Holiday
Most Creative
Best Team Name
Titanic – the boat that sinks the fastest


Cardboard Boat Regatta
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  • The entire boat must be built of cardboard.
  • Cardboard may be as thick as you want and may be layered together.
  • Cardboard carpet tubes or similar tubes may be used. “Sono-tubes” or any other type if pre-treated or coated cardboard that has been processed in such a way as to waterproof the cardboard may NOT be used.
  • Duct tape, masking tape, strapping paper tape, wood glue, or contact cement MAY be used. Metal or plastic staples, clamps, nails, screws, etc, MAY NOT be used.
  • Boats may be painted with a water based paint or water sealer, like Thompson’s Water Seal Stain. All paint and stain must be dry before the boat enters the water. Tar, wax, silicone, fiberglass resins, epoxy glues, or Styrofoam are prohibited.
  • The use of Paper Mache is allowed, particularly on the decorative elements of the boat. However, cardboard should still be your primary building material.
  • 100% of the crew members must be inside or on top of your boat. Where the crew sits may not be enclosed. The boat crew must be able to get IN and OUT of the boat easily.
  • The propulsion system may NOT be motor power, or kick power. Any oars or paddles may be made out of any material or store bought.
  • No electrical power sources will be allowed on any boat once in contact with the water.
  • If there is any doubt about the construction, the judges reserve the right to use a probe, such as an ice pick, to test and verify that only cardboard has been used. Construction violations discovered during any part of the day shall be cause for elimination.
  • Coast guard approved life jackets must be worn by all participants during the race.
  • Each team is responsible for disposing of their boat after the race.
  • There is no limit to the number of rowers, however all rowers must fit inside the boat. Teams should nominate a captain to attend the Captain’s Meeting. Teams are also allowed to have two “crew” members on the beach to assist with the race start/finish.
  • All participants must sign a waiver. All students under the age of 18 must have the signature of a parent or guardian. No participant will be allowed in a boat without a signed waiver.