Lake Holiday HOA dues are set by the board each year by completing the yearly budget. Monthly dues are then determined based on the number of homes and lots in the community and a new rate sheet is mailed in December. Payment can be made in the office, automatically through your bank, mailed in, or paid online through the association membership site.

2021 HOA Monthly Assessments

Membership Lot (no water or sewer) – $48.98

Lot With NO Home (has water and sewer) – $130.61

Lot With a Home – $142.61

Capitalization Fees

When you buy a home or buildable lot in Lake Holiday you must pay a one time cap fee at closing. This fee is put in the general fund for the overall budget that is used in Lake Holiday. If you buy a membership lot there is currently no cap fee.

Homes and Buildable Lots – $2000

New Construction Utilities

Water/Sewer – $5000 connection fee (This is through Aqua America, not the HOA office.)

Additional Amenity Fees

Boat Slip Rental – $565.00

Boat Registration – $150.00 motor 10hp or over, $50.00 for a motor under 10hp, $5.00 non-motorized (kayak, canoe, paddle board, etc)

Canoe/Kayak Rack Rental – $25.00

Clubhouse Exercise Membership Fee – Free with purchase of $10.00 access card

Clubhouse Rental Fee – $50 per hour; $200.00 for 4 hours; $400.00 per day, $500.00 security deposit

Recreational Storage Fee (boats, campers, etc) – Row A $150.00, Other areas $100.00

Vehicle Barcode Decal – $10.00 (allows right lane access)