When gravity sewer lines are not an option, a system known as a grinder-pump system is utilized. This system consists of a small sewage pumping facility that has one pump assigned to each home, or in some cases shared between 2 homes in Lake Holiday. Your home’s wastewater is pumped into the sewer line by a single pump that is hidden inside an underground tank. This pump is responsible for pumping the wastewater out of your home and into the sewage line. Homes that sit below the road line in Lake Holiday are generally the homes that have grinder pumps.

What is its purpose, exactly?

A single pump is installed inside of a tank that is submerged on your property in a well-located outdoor area, and this tank houses the pump.

The tank is only capable of holding a small quantity of wastewater at one time. Wastewater from your household will trickle into the tank whenever you use the water in your home. When the level of wastewater in the tank exceeds the threshold that triggers the activation of the pump, the waste is pumped up and out of the tank and transported to the treatment plant for wastewater.

The pump will typically continue to operate for a few minutes after the reservoir has been emptied before it turns off.

How can I ensure the safety of my pump system?

A pump system that has been properly maintained should be able to process the typical wastewater that is produced in a home’s bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry area. There is a possibility that certain chemicals and materials will bring about operational problems in addition to safety hazards. It is in everyone’s best interest to study the labels on chemicals before throwing them away.

Under no circumstances should you flush the following objects down the toilet, sink, or drain:

• Any substance that can explode or catch fire
• Any type of lubricant, oil, or gasoline
• Clippings from your hair or dental floss
• Cooking fat such as tallow, oil, or grease

These items have the potential to cause damage to the pump system and the controls that regulate it, blockages or backups, dangerous conditions in the lines and tank, and damage to the environment.
When you are working on the landscaping for your home, please do not plant any trees or bushes around or near the grinder pump station. When maintenance on the pump station is required, there must be sufficient space for this. In addition, you should never make an attempt to access the cover of the tank or the box containing the electrical panel.

What steps should I take in the event that the power runs out?

In the event that the power goes out at your residence, your pump system will remain inoperable until the power is restored. Even though the pump tank has a limited holding capacity, it is still important to restrict water use inside the building until the power is restored. Otherwise, there is a risk of a backup and/or spill occurring.

What steps should I take in the event that the alert goes off?

In the event that the pumping mechanism fails, the tank in which the pump is housed will fill to capacity. In the alarm box that is located on the exterior of your grinder pump housing, both the light and the audible alert will be activated. In the event that this takes place, you need to cease using water to prevent overflows and backups. In order to turn off the alert, you are asked to contact Aqua at their number 1-877-987-2782. (Or if the light is on!)

How can I make sure that my device stays safe while I’m away?

If you are going to be gone from home for more than a week, we strongly suggest that you take the following safety measures to ensure that the system continues to function properly:

To begin, activate the pump system by leaving an interior spigot running for a sufficient amount of time. Once the pump has started, you should turn off the water. The pump will operate until it reaches the point where there is no more liquid in the tank, at which point it will switch off. The pump will be cleaned as part of this operation, and it will be left with a trace amount of clean water. Always ensure that the electricity is turned on.

If you adhere to these guidelines, you will be able to guarantee that the pump system in your home will provide reliable and secure service for a good number of years.