At least 3 times a week I get a call from someone that believed they could just drive out to Lake Holiday to explore the neighborhood. They are frustrated when they reach the gate and are told they need a Realtor to be with them, and so they do a quick search online and find me! Unfortunately I am rarely available last minute as I have clients scheduled in advance.

So, the short answer is NO, Lake Holiday does not have any public access. Not even to just come in and peak around. I have found people that were able to talk their way past the guard for some reason or another, but they were disappointed in the community because they simply didn’t know how large it was and where to find all of the amenities! When I give them a tour they are shocked at how much they missed driving around on their own, so it’s really beneficial to have someone with you that knows the area anyway. Lake Holiday is a very unique lake community and a very well kept secret for this reason.

That being said, you can get lake access without owning a home in Lake Holiday. Membership lots are available to purchase and they come with all lake amenities. They are a great option for locals that want to use the lake to fish, enjoy the beaches and attend the events. They will never be buildable though and will not likely rise in value so they need to be looked at as a yearly membership that you will need to sell to get rid of down the line, likely for less than you paid due to sales costs. For some people that is worth it for the amenities, for others you may just want to make friends with someone that lives in Lake Holiday!

If you are looking at the community for retirement research purposes or a potential move down the road, an agent such as myself can give you a tour, but you will not be able to use the amenities until you actually own a home or lot. This is actually a positive for our residents and owners. Unlike the larger lakes such as Lake Anna owners cannot rent their homes out as vacation rentals and there is no public access so the lake is nice and quiet without being overused.

FYI – as of 2020 there are VERY few lots left, and rarely a membership lot. If you want Lake Holiday access at this time you will need to purchase a home.