Ready to hit the beach at the lake this year? I’ve gathered the best toys you’ll want to bring along not just for the kids, but the adults as well! These lake toys will ensure you have a blast all season long!

Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

Ready to hang on the lake all day? This floating island holds 6 people and includes a canopy, space for your cooler, drink holders and all with comfortable back rests so you can chill. “This monster is awesome. It took surprisingly little time to initially assemble and blow up. We bought this for a music festival on a reservoir and needless to say we were the envy on all other water goers.” Who needs a boat? You’ll be the hero when you roll up to the lake with this floating island for all your friends!

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Floating Mats

Our favorite lake addition is definitely this large 12 ft by 6 ft floating mat! It’s not just great for lounging, kids can play games on it, try standing and other balance activities, and take a break with the pillow that can be created on the end. It’s also great for camping, making a nice flat bed area with no work!

Super easy to roll up and only weighs 13 lbs so even the kids can carry it from the car, plus it has a bungee cord to attach to your dock or boat to keep easy track of it! Tons more sizes available if you are looking for a single person version or one for the entire neighborhood.

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UFO Spaceship Squirting Float

Tired of having to refill water guns? The Spaceship Squirting Float is a great addition to keep the kids busy! They’ll start an intergalactic battle and have a never ending supply of water, without having to ask you for help refilling anything! It’s a win-win!

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Floating Beer Pong Table

Still dreaming about your last beer pong championship in college? Now you can relive it, with a bit more challenge from moving waters! Not into drinking on the lake? Fill the cups with water, juice, or whatever beverage you are into, the challenge remains the same. “This is a great purchase for anyone considering it, and our crowd stayed entertained for hours! The size and quality of the table is great, and it has extra cup holders on the sides for extra drinks. This also has hooks on the outer edge so you can attach rope to keep it in place!

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Inflatable Log Jousting Game

Tired of the kids, or ahem, adults fighting? Let them battle it out on the floating logs! They can’t really get hurt, that bad, and it’s hilarious to watch, another win-win! Plus they get a huge core workout trying to stay upright on the log, it’s probably the hardest part actually, if they master it, you might want to watch your back, their core game will be on point.

Floating Trampoline

Always worried about your kids on a regular trampoline with the hard ground being the only thing protecting them from a fall? The floating trampoline is the answer to your fears! Kids and adults will have a blast on this trampoline when it’s located out in the water, so try out your best tricks!

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Floating Cornhole Lake Game

Need a little more challenge to your cornhole game? Just add water! This floating cornhole set will have you feeling like an amateur all over again. Just remember, everything floats! “The fact the game itself floats and moves around adds a nice challenge element. Great price and I’d say I got my money’s worth for the fun we had.

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Summer Floating Lake Toys